We've raised the bar for health care expectations when it comes to acute and educational care.

The very foundation of ICP is based on helping our clients effectively meet the challenges and increased expectations of a changing health care services industry. ICP's unique system and methodology creates an integrated and improved health care experience - one that benefits your patients, clients, health care providers...and your bottom line.

Do you know what comes with personalized, integrated, and improved health care services? Better communication, improved efficiency, fewer errors, reduced costs - and increased patient satisfaction.

Here's how ICP gets you there:

  • Increased Availability - By integrating our on-site, on-call Nurse Practitioners (NP) with your facility, your clients have consistent and immediate access to a quality health care professional.
  • Coordinated Communication - ICP's NP coordinates and improves communication across all involved health care professionals at your facility, as well as with patients and their families.
  • Improved Efficiency - ICP integrates all of your facility's health care platforms allowing patient health care professionals to work toward a common goal. In this way, systems become more efficient and opportunities for innovation rise.
  • Enhanced Quality of Care - More access to services, streamlined procedures, use of technology and increased communication results in the ability to deliver a higher quality of care.
  • Reduced Costs - When fewer emergencies and reduced readmissions occur due to improved quality of care, patients are healthier, happier . . . and everyone's costs go down.
  • Measurable Results - Statistics and costs data, along with customer satisfaction surveys, reveal the positive outcomes of a comprehensive and integrated plan of health care service delivery.